Leading Large Prayer Groups

Small Groups of prayers consist of 2-3 people. Larger groups begin at 4 or more. The dynamics change with larger groups of people – no worries – you can do it. Below please find a PDF of Large Group Protocol and a super easy format. Follow the format – always follow the format. It may seem awkward at first. As you continue to do it – it will just become a part of you.

If you follow the format – you are guaranteed strong unction, revelation, manifestations of power, great joy and victory, and answers! Prayer will be easy and FUN! People will be shocked at how time flies! They will go home encouraged, invigorated, and blessed! They will also have the volume of the Holy Spirit turned up louder in their daily lives. That corporate anointing will enhance their walk with God! They will find it easier to hear the Lord and follow Him right into the will of God for their lives!

There is also a video listed. The video has further instruction and a lot of how to’s. 


LEADING LARGE PRAYER GROUPS – User friendly format for leading prayer groups of 4 or more. Format affords strong unction, demonstration of the Spirit, effectual unity that gets answers, and joy joy joy!