Entrance Curriculum

Welcome to the Prayerskool entrance curriculum

In John 15:7,8 Jesus said,
“If you abide in Me and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will and it shall be done for you. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be my disciples.”

This is a great truth. In order for Prayer to be effectual it must be word-based. In order for Prayer to be effectual it must be led of the Holy Spirit. The curriculum you are about to assimilate is built to immediately enhance the prayer life of the individual believer.

Prayer is actually going out into the spirit realm. Within that realm we want to be following the Spirit of Truth that moved upon men of old to write the Bible. Therefore the Bible becomes our guide. The Bible is the pitch and tone of the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is Who we want to follow. When we follow the Holy Spirit – answers are certain.

Many times prayer is taught from an attitude of works. Many times, undertones of, “you better pray” or “you ought to pray” are communicated to the Saints. This produces a driving that is not spirit-led. Dear brother and sisters – it is not that you “ought to pray”, or that “you’d better pray” – The truth is, YOU ARE BUILT TO PRAY!!!

The tools below will simply amplify that truth to you, wind you up, and let you go! You KNOW His voice, you ARE following Him, and you are created in His image! Yes as we meditate on these truths – prayer becomes fun, easy, and joyous!!!! Fun, easy, and joyous are the earmarks of effectual prayer!

Prayer is not a mystical, nebulous exercise. It is not to be a burdensome duty of clocking in and clocking out. It is never meant to culminate in frustration time and time again.

You followed Jesus into the new birth. That was the greatest miracle that will ever happen to you – for from that miracle is where all other answers come from! The Bible says you know His voice and you are following Him!

The curriculum listed below will immediately catapult your faith level! It will inspire you and enable you to capture answers! The required readings and videos will help REVEAL YOUR DIVINE DESTINY that was written before the foundations of the earth! At long last you will find satisfaction – those puzzle pieces come together – the picture finally makes sense!

We thank God for your faithfulness! How precious is your faith and time to God!

As you sow into the Prayer Partner Program – you will find yourself reaping in ways you have never experienced before. Your place in the local church will become enhanced. As you find your place in the local body – Jesus will ultimately position you in His great global body. As you sow into the local family of God, the church, you will reap in your own personal family.

That’s the name, Prayer PARTNER Program. You are PARTNERING with God by making your supply available! You are sowing rivers of life from your heart! As with all partnership – there are benefits.

So shall you reap tremendous returns! The river of God will turn towards you and sweep you into an ocean of His life, His presence, His tangible blessings, prosperity, physical quickening, and the manifestation of the will of God. You will find your destiny and fulfill it!

As stated above – we thank you for your faithfulness! You are so precious to the Lord and to us! Oh the blessings that await you!

Below you will find two required PDFs and a set of videos.

The entire curriculum is to be completed within eight weeks of the start of your prayer group.

Required Reading


The Believer's Authority

Kenneth E. Hagin


Small Prayer Group Protocol


How to Read Your Bible


How to Pray

Video Classes

Class 1

How To Study Your Bible

Discovering the power of praying Ephesians 1:17-23 every time you get ready to read your Bible.

Class 2

Speaking In Tongues

Scriptural basis of speaking in tongues and rubber-meets-the-road-benefits of this blessing!

Class 3

Praying For Your Pastor

Instruction and scriptural precedence of the blessed practice of praying for your Pastor. It is a necessary and vital key to finding your place in the body of Christ  at large.

Class 4

Small Group Prototype

Explanation of format for small prayer group. Pattern for flowing together and accessing maximum unction and effectualness. United prayer – how do you do this stuff anyway?

Class 5

Put The Word Of God First Place

All answered prayer is based on, “keeping the Word of God first place”.  When the Word of God is first place in our lives – many times we will not even need to pray. This class explains the art of , “giving the Word first place” in our lives.

Class 6

The Precious Ministry Of Helps

The acid test of following the Holy Spirit in prayer.  Effectual prayer requires keeping the Word first place and yielding to the Holy Spirit. However – a great test as to our ability to follow the Holy Spirit in prayer is – can we follow Him by heliping  in the local church? The Holy Spirit is called, “The Helper”. If we can follow Him through this natural world by helping in the local church – we assure and embolden our hearts to follow Him in prayer. 

Rev. Patsy Cameneti

The Power Of Small Prayer Groups!

An exceptional teaching on the power made available through small groups! You can change a city, a nation, a ministry, a situation, and even a human body through the agreement of 2 christians!!! Teaching starts at 43:00.

Class 7

The Power Of Righteousness

Righteousness is not something you do – Righteousness IS WHAT YOU ARE. “He that knew no sin, BECAME SIN, that you would BECOME THE RIGHTEOUSNESS of God”, 2 Corinthians 5:21. Despite feelings, no matter what you have or haven’t done, if you are a Christian – YOU ARE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD. Never, fight with sin. Lift your face to God, worship Him, thank Him by faith, that you ARE the righteousness of God. Guilt will melt away and boldness will arise in prayer!