Dana Shrader Writings

There’s stuff that happened after He arose in the gospels – through the book of Revelation – AND ON INTO TODAY.




Everybody talks about Moses. (Yes we adore us some BEN HUR!!) But what of Abraham. Watch him in the Old Testament through his exploits. Watch him in the New Testament through eyes of revelation. He was a time traveler. Enter into his world. Watch him LINK dispensations from his primitive home. Captain Picard? Captain Kirk? Boldly go through a Bible portal to the final ruling place of the church. For reals!


In this series we walk through the exploits and mindsets of King David’s mighty armies. Reminiscent of Game of Thrones – experience a rogue army of the greatest courage built upon HONOR. See the heart of Israel’s great king  – David. A man after God’s own heart. He is the warrior king – yet he is the worshipper King. An anomaly – an irony – come experience the adventures of the armies of God.


Smith Wigglesworth – unable to read or speak intelligently. A trip to a church service transforms his heart. A Christian now – he longs to preach the gospel. Then a burst appendix threatens his life. He lay in agony. An encounter with a spirit enboldened little boy changed his life forever. The lad prayed and punched Smith in his appendix. Smith was immediately healed. How odd – how wonderful. Then the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. Suddenly robust preaching welled up in him. Crowds were moved to the altars! The power gifts of the Spirit began to manifest in miracles, signs, wonders, and the raising of the dead. A dynamic journey begins! Smith boldly begins to preach the gospel from city to city. Demonstrations of God’s personality are displayed to a lost and dying world. Persecutions from clergy, from the medical community, from governments, from his own denomination dog his tracks. Sadness and trials! Cruel irony as he who ministered healing dealt with sickness himself! And of course – bitter hatred for the WAY he ministered healing. Punching, pushing, slapping, individuals to the horror of those present – only to see the afflicted run, dance, and shout! His personality – a gruff disposition that rebuked unbelief! Through trial and tribulation – his course he must finish! He must raise up another generation and proliferate globally the message of life eternal. His life would prove to stun mankind with signs and wonders – yet set the platform for every believer to walk in divine healing through simple faith in the Word of God.

So many movies end with the resurrection of Jesus. Where is the movie that speaks of the Book of Acts. Where is the movie that shows modern day Christians walking in the authority and exploits of the New Testament Church. Where is that movie – it’s here.