Children’s Curriculum

Tony Talks in Tongues

Tony Talks in Tongues is a children’s book filled with doctrine, fun, and literal examples of children praying in tongues!! 

The best way to get someone filled with the Holy Ghost and speaking in other tongues is to give them SCRIPTURES. You will hear the practical benefits of speaking in tongues and a concise series of steps in EASILY getting people filled with the Holy Ghost. WATCH OUT – every age of person responds quickly to this book cause it’s just so easy!!! ENJOY!

The Age Of Accountability

A wonderful tale of faith. We are thankful for the prayers our moms and dads pray for us. However there comes a day when children and teenagers must believe for themselves. This is a story of that glorious truth!

THE SHEEP DANCE - I Hear Your Voice

You can pray for hours to try to hear God. Or – you can mix it up and do THE SHEEP DANCE. As you meditate on the truth according to John 10:4 – you will realize, “I AM YOUR SHEEP – I DO KNOW YOUR VOICE LORD – AND I AM FOLLOWING YOU!!”