Dana Shrader Writings

There’s stuff that happened after He arose in the gospels – through the book of Revelation – AND ON INTO TODAY.   Projects/Scripts ABRAHAM – FOR TODAY Everybody talks about Moses. (Yes we adore us some BEN HUR!!) But what of Abraham. Watch him in the Old Testament through his exploits. Watch him in the […]

The Most Important Prayer

The most important prayer any human could ever pray is the prayer  to ask Jesus into your heart. Whether Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Buddhist, Muslim, or no religious affiliation at all – Jesus said, “you must be born again“. That’s what Jesus said.  Oh we could mesmerize you with astounding teachings from the New Testament regarding […]

How to Get Married By Faith

So many singles in the Body of Christ are longing to get married.  They do not want to date the world’s way – and rightly so! However – amidst erroneous teachings, wives tales, bad counsel and presumption – there remains a frustrated group of people. These are Christians who desire a godly marriage. Below you […]

Trusting God for Children

A no nonsense guideline to believing God for your children. Simple exercises that bring results. This section also includes many scriptures to stand on when believing God for your children. You and your authority are the pivotal piece. When we approach our children God’s way – we release God to work within them. Trusting God […]

Children’s Curriculum

Tony Talks in Tongues Tony Talks in Tongues is a children’s book filled with doctrine, fun, and literal examples of children praying in tongues!!  The best way to get someone filled with the Holy Ghost and speaking in other tongues is to give them SCRIPTURES. You will hear the practical benefits of speaking in tongues […]

Leading Large Prayer Groups

Small Groups of prayers consist of 2-3 people. Larger groups begin at 4 or more. The dynamics change with larger groups of people – no worries – you can do it. Below please find a PDF of Large Group Protocol and a super easy format. Follow the format – always follow the format. It may […]