Training In Effectual Prayer

Easy, “rubber meets the road” teaching that produces ANSWERS – not just mystical experimentation. If you could follow the Lord into the new birth you can follow Him to your answer! You are built to pray!

Creation Of Prayer Groups. People Praying Together - An Adventure We Are All Learning.

It’s one experience to pray alone. It’s another art to pray with other people. No worries – we are all learning as we go. The treasured journey of flowing with your fellow saints produces a heightened leading of the Spirit. As we learn to move together our ability to follow the Holy Spirit is powerfully enhanced. This glorious exercise produces detailed leadings in our personal life – AFTER WE LEAVE THE PRAYER ROOM!

Saints Praying Together -

Prelude To The Latter Rains, The Great Last Day Harvest, And The Return Of The Lord!

The Book of Acts shows a New Testament pattern of the saints praying together. Scriptural precedence shows us the benefits of the saints praying together. Corporate Prayer produces unity, empowerment to win souls, leadings to discover individual destinies, healings, signs, wonders, miracles, protection from persecution, waves of financial provision, and a harmony of each saints prayer that culminated in a VOICE! ONE VOICE!
John the Baptist was one voice that made a way for the first coming of the Lord. The Holy Spirit takes each voice, each individual faith, each measure of yieldness and mutual submission and makes it into ONE VOICE THAT PREPARES A WAY! Hallelujah!
Revelations 19:6 “And I heard, as it were, THE VOICE OF A GREAT MULTITUDE, as the sound of many waters and as the sound of mighty thunderings, saying, “Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!”

Helping Pastors And The Local Church

Building Prayer Programs According To The Pastor's Vision

Utilizing strict formats, scriptural guidelines, strong oversight, and joyous inspiration – church members are stabilized and equipped to get effectual answers in their personal lives. These dear saints are then placed in prayer groups that target specific subjects. Tremendous power, momentum, and unity is made available within the local church. As a result the individual saints find and do the will of God. As these prayer supplies are made available – the church then grows with the increase that is from God.

The entire program is founded on the Pastor’s “wish list”. You tell us what the Lord told you and we will build a prayer program to help facilitate that!! The beginning groups will be the Pastor’s wish list along will a number of groups to PRAY STRICTLY FOR THE PASTOR. As these foundational groups come into place – the power and instruction of the Holy Ghost begins to arise! Groups begin to multiply, replicate, and spawn other subjects and focuses. Group focuses are as varied as the Pastor’s vision and the leadings of the prayer partners. Groups focuses can be physical healing, outreach, marriages, financial increase for the church, families, youth, and whatever else comes up in the heart of the Pastor or the member of the church! As the members pray – they will find themselves rising up and doing the will of God – they have SOWN prayer into the local BODY OF CHRIST – now they will REAP their place in the OVERALL BODY OF CHRIST! Yes – the best Prayer Coordinator in the Universe is the great and mighty Holy Ghost!! Hallelujah!

Safe Effectual Joyous Prayer

The truth is – a lot of harm has come from “prayers” in the local church. If a Christian is doing a lot of praying and not reading their Bible – they are going to get offtrack. If a “prayer” is more enamored with what they are “perceiving, getting, or sensing” than they are with reading their Bible, helping the Pastor, and encouraging and serving the congregational members – there is going to be trouble.

The best “prayers” are those that read their Bible, are respectful and submitted to the Pastor. The most effectual “prayers” are those that serve in helps ministry in the local church and make everyone feel like anyone can hear from God too!

There are no clicks. There is no condescension.

There are no “revelations and spiritual experiences” that hurt and divide congregations.

Yep – we’ve seen a lot of it and it’s not going to happen own our watch! Utilizing staunch New Testament doctrine and tight prayer formats – groups of dear saints can pray together effectually, lovingly, full of faith, joyously, AND SAFELY!!!

This prototype of prayer program will safeguard the sheep. This prayer pattern will also salvage individuals that have gotten into error – if they are willing to be trained.

We will have safe, effectual, Spirit led prayer that unifies and catalyzes the local church! The Lord is faithful!! He is helping us all flow together as One. The Master is building a worthy habitation for His Presence!

Lonnie and Dana Shrader


Lonnie and Dana Shrader teach on the subject of prayer. Their simple biblical precepts inspire the individual believer and at the same time provide a bridge to unify the local church closer to the office of the pastor.

Lonnie Shrader graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1990. Lonnie specialized in evangelism. He also served in a variety of helps capacities for 10 years at Rhema Bible Church. Reverend Shrader assisted in Rhema Bible Training Center’s Healing School and was also employed by Rhema Bible Church. In 1997 Lonnie graduated from Domata School of Missions under Mark Brazee Ministries, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lonnie also served for 4 years in a helps capacities to the “Prayer Partner Program” under Mark Brazee Ministries. Reverend Shrader pastored Oasis Christian Church in Solvang, California for 4 years. He then stepped over into full time itinerant ministry and traveled in the U.S. and overseas. Lonnie teaches on the subject of prayer life for the individual, corporate or united prayer, faith, how to be lead by the Spirit, and man on three dimensions – spirit, soul, and body. In September 2017, Reverend Shrader and his wife Dana founded MyChurch/Thousand Oaks, California. They pastor and itinerate.

Dana Shrader is a 1990 graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center. Dana graduated from the Pastors group. Reverend Dana was involved in the Prayer and Healing Center’s Prayer Groups Program for 6 years. Dana went to Palermo, Italy, in 1994 in a helps capacity to Reverend Tony and Patsy Cameneti for the ’94, ’95 school year of Domata School of Missions. Reverend Dana returned to Tulsa in January of 1996 and became Prayer Coordinator for Mark Brazee Ministries. During this time Dana managed all facets of corporate prayer as well as pioneering up 70 prayer groups. Dana Shrader stepped out into full time itinerant ministry in January of 2000. She has since traveled and taught on the subject of individual and united prayer to churches nationally and internationally. Dana is also the author of the book, “You Can Pray”, and “The Prayer Partner Groups Manual – A Guide to Raising up Prayer Groups in the Local Church.” She just released her first children’s book, “Tony Talks In Tongues”. Dana is the author of PrayerPartnerProgram.com. This is a site/program to virtually raise up prayer departments in churches and ministries.

Though full time ministers themselves, their vision is that of a helps capacity to each and every church in which they minister. The Shraders also preach the message, “You Can Pray”. They do not preach, “you had better pray”, or, “you outta pray”. No. Strong scriptural support is combined with opportunity to yield to the Spirit of God. Demonstrations and manifestations of God’s presence and His power are sure to follow. The Christian is built to pray! Effectual prayer is easy and effectual prayer is fun!  

Through doctrine and demonstration, they provide easy patterns for congregational members to activate and enhance their prayer lives. Once this is in place, tremendous unified power is made available for the local church. Momentum is spawned. The Shraders then harness this power by teaching on, “How to pray for your Pastor”. This exciting message demonstrates the blessed benefit of coming under the office of the Pastor. This final layer assures a safe, effectual prayer environment for each congregational member. 

The Shraders help the pastor to set up prayer groups. The format is easy to replicate. It is “vanilla” in nature – that is the format remains the same to ensure safe effectual prayer. The pastor can then “add any toppings to the sundae he wants”. The program can have the flavor of each individual church added to it. 

Although Lonnie and Dana are full time ministers – the vision of their itinerant ministry is that of helping to serve churches and pastors.  

Lonnie and Dana Shrader base their itinerant ministry out of Thousand Oaks, California. They pastor MyChurch/Thousand Oaks California.

Mychurch Thousand Oaks/Santa Barbara