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Praying for Your Pastor

Key to Each Church Member Finding Direction for Their Own Lives!

This ministry teaches a strong message of prayer for the pastor. First Timothy 2:1 teaches us that when we pray for those in authority over us – somehow – we don’t have to know how – but the scriptures simply promise the saint – that if you pray for those in authority, your life will become more peaceable and godly, you will be able to receive greater revelation of the truth of gods word – and people will get saved!!

Personally I believe most of what the saint of god receives of direction will come through their personal time of devotion in prayer and the word. However – god has set the ministry gifts in the body to perfect and equip the saint for the work of the ministry. The final supplement each Christian needs to find their place in the blessings and body of Christ is that of utterance from a ministry gift.

Paul wrote 2/3 of the new testament. Paul is one of the two we know who finished his course. Paul beseeched the saints to pray for him to have an utterance for them – to be able to make known the mystery on the inside of him – to make it know to them and via the corporate anointing to make it known clearly to him as well!! The saint is responsible to take heed how he or she hears! The saints are supposed to make a corporate pull available.

Jesus said that the office of the shepherd – in John 10 – has the ability to call a saint by name, to see the wolf coming and drive him away. The under shepherd has gifting to drive away that which kills, steals and destroys. Jesus speaking of the shepherd also said they can lead a saint into life and true abundance! Jesus also declares in this passage that the office of the shepherd is a DOORWAY, causing the saint to actually go out and find their place in the harvest of the lords work.

As the saints sow in prayer for the pastor – for utterance and revelation – they set their heart in faith to receive the vision. The pastor will be able to make known the vision, impart the vision – the saints will grab it and go do it! Those who stand at the helm of a ministry are not simply a woman or a man – the pastor is an entire PLAN. What an exciting and effectual avenue of prayer this is – and so easy and immediate are its results. Congregations get so excited and instantly their expectation rises corporately! What a blessed privilege we have – the avenue of blessing through prayer on behalf of the Pastor!!!