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Identifying and Placing a Helps Ministry of Prayer in the Local Church

Within the context of Lonnie and Dana Shrader Ministries, a format has developed to leave a core of pray-ers in each local church. With every church and ministry that the Lord inspires, He supplies the needs of that work. He supplies finances, He supplies ushers, He supplies children’s workers, and He supplies “pray-ers”. As the teaching goes forth, it is like reading the job description of those called to stand in this helps capacity. Those that carry this grace readily respond. Thus those who are equipped in this fashion are identified and placed.

The teaching regarding a “Helps Ministry of Prayer” liberates “pray-ers” to do what their heart yearns to do – pray for the pastor, the church, the nations, finances, laborers, etc. As these individuals are acknowledged and placed, they will infuse great grace into the ministry as well as a word based momentum. Inspired by simple biblical teaching and catalyzed by recognition and placement, these “pray-ers” will not have to be constantly encouraged to pray. They will pour their hearts and lives out for the ministry they carry.

Every Christian is called to pray. But, there are those that carry a grace to stand in a place of “helps” for prayer. These are the saints that love to pray and pray and pray - and are “effectual”. They will carry you prayerfully night and day and are thankful and glad to do it. Many “pray-ers” pray for hours and are not effectual. Time is never a factor as to the effectualness of prayer. Do they get answers? Do they carry your heart and vision? These are strong indicators as to who the true candidates for prayer are in the local church.

Many individuals are called to stand in this HELPS capacity. The reason we stress the word “helps” in this area is because so many “pray-ers” begin to see things in the area of prayer, misinterpret and mis-use revelation, and ultimately try to split a church. Those that carry this grace ARE CALLED TO PRAY AND NOT TO SAY!! “Pray-ers” that do not stay with correct doctrine or who wrongly interpret their “prophecyings” and “revelations” as that of a helps capacity will always end up thinking they know more than the pastor. They will begin to consider themselves a “prophet” because they have flown in the simple gift of prophecy. They will rally other prayers and lo and behold – a church split.

Pray-ers that stand in a grace to pray are categorized as HELPS. WHEN THE HELPS MINISTRY CEASES TO HELP IT IS NO LONGER A HELPS MINISTRY. “Pray-er” is not listed as a five-fold office.

At Lonnie and Dana Shrader Ministries we supply doctrine that will identify, place, inspire and keep these dear and precious pray-ers on track. We help to release the power plant that is within every church. We want prayer to catapult the pastor into new vistas of revelation, utterance, boldness, healings, and grace to carry out God’s vision. Through strong Biblical precepts, prayer becomes a help to the pastor and the local body. Through New Testament principles, pray-ers are grounded, adjusted, and set on a glorious course to experience God. Simple scriptural doorways will launch them into wondrous vistas in the Lord. At the same time, the doctrine provides “pray-ers” safe travel in the Holy Ghost and secures them steadily under the staff of the local shepherd.

What wondrous provision our Lord has made for the local church! Your church already has Pray-ers waiting for their orders. The Lord is wanting to release your services into the glorious realm of a corporate anointing! Our Savior is also opening doors of thrilling, yet safe and effectual prayer for those called alongside our dear Pastors! Hallelujah!!