We want to welcome all to our weekly Bible study in Newbury Park, CA. The Bible Study is designed to stockpile the Word regarding the work of prayer. This prototype lays a solid foundation in the Word. The Word then strips off doctrinal baggage, removes sluggishness, unifies us, and catapults our prayer life forward into great momentum. Answers are assured. For more information call 918-519-3161 or visit

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Lonnie & Dana

Prayer Groups

Effectual Fervent Earnest United Prayer

Practicle Application For United Prayer

Lonnie Shrader

Effectral Prayer Through the Word

Harnessing the Soul

Precepts and Examples of Corporate Prayer

You Can Pray series by Dana Shrader

The Mighty Ephesians Prayer

Faith Fervency Follow

Praying for Your Pastor

Other teaching by Dana Shrader

Exercise In United Prayer for Our Pastors

The Helper