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Corporate Prayer!

How do you do this stuff anyway?

It’s a much asked question, but the Body of Christ has the Word of God and the Person of the Holy Spirit to easily lead and guide us into glorious fun, and effectual flows of Corporate Prayer. Congregations of individuals of all walks of life, education, differing ages and levels of spiritual growth praying together and experiencing the powerful corporate anointing. Many Christians and seasoned “pray-ers” have prayed individually for years – but the final frontier is that of corporate prayer. Through simple New Testament truths and practical application, your church will enter into the easy and powerful flow of one accord!

With simple teaching and demonstration, Reverend Lonnie and Dana Shrader help congregations experience the flow of corporate prayer. Congregations are instantly changed. Once the doctrine and the practical application is taught, the Spirit and impartation of corporate prayer will be caught. A supernatural unity and momentum will be born in the midst of the assembly and the ministry. Through simple doctrine and practical application, Lonnie and Dana will help you to establish a basic and easy flow of corporate prayer in your church. With scriptural format she will then leave the reins of prayer in the hands of the pastor. Lonnie and Dana Shrader Ministries also provides simple, user friendly, consultation and literature, that enable the pastor to then build upon that corporate flow however he sees fit. The Pastor can pattern the corporate prayer to tend, cultivate and support the vision. Upon laying this foundation, a church can very quickly step into smaller prayer groups, pre-service prayer, as well as “entire congregational corporate prayer”. The possibilities are endless and easy!!!

In laying a foundation for corporate prayer, as always, a scriptural foundation catalyzes the corporate flow. Through doctrine that produces revelation and its own unction – congregational members will return again and again for prayer meetings. They will return, they will stay, they will pray and then they will actually go out and obey!!!

The first element of corporate prayer is FAITH . Each believer must believe that when they come to prayer, he or she is going to hear from God! Yes the prayer leader will hear from God to lead. But, in accordance with scripture, each and every saint must believe that they will have a divine “piece to the puzzle” of the mysteries that the group is praying out. Many times Christians are instructed to “make their supply available” at prayer meetings – they are exhorted to pray. But, as each believer is given doctrine that he or she can and will hear from God, no further cheerleading is needed. The saints each will have utterance, enlightenment, revelation and quickening. They will then gladly make their supply available. No longer will congregational members be spectators. No longer do prayer leaders, ministers and pastors have to “drag” the saints to the throne. As the saints pray IN FAITH they make tremendous power available. A dynamic flow begins to work that carries the entire prayer meeting.

In Acts 2 and Acts 4, these New Testament prayer meetings purported ALL present were FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT AND HAD UTTERANCE. In First Corinthians 14:26 we are told that, “ Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation….” The wondrous corporate anointing allows each of the saints to comprehend together the height, width, depth and length of God – the dimensions of God that are understood and experienced only as the saints of God gather TOGETHER. The powerful flow of corporate power enables each saint to break open into new flows of utterance. Some places we desire to go in God, we will never be able to go alone. We must go together.

We also see in Acts 2 and Acts 4, the invaluable and vital role of ministers praying with the congregations, or, their own company. In Acts 2 we see that prior to the Day of Pentecost and the induement thru corporate prayer – Peter could not even witness to a little girl. But, in Acts 2, we see him arise with boldness and revelation of Joel 2. We see him granted bold utterance, so much so, that 3000 saints were added to the church that day. In Acts 4 we see the apostles returning to their own company of “pray-ers”. In that place of corporate power, the building shook! The apostles were then fired out with bold utterance, signs, wonders and miracles!!! In Acts 12 as Paul and Silas prayed, (this is still a corporate anointing for wherever 2 or 3 are gathered in His name, He is in the midst), we see another supernatural earthquake! Paul and Silas are loosed from evil and perverse men that the word of god may again have free course! Corporate prayer unchains the word as the tongue of a minister is loosed. In Acts 13 we see through the avenue of corporate prayer, Paul is separated to his ultimate calling. The ministry gifts must be surrounded by corporate prayer to fulfill their ministries and to finish their course.

Also via corporate prayer persecution is staid. In Acts 4 the apostles exemplified an antidote to persecution – corporate prayer culminating in bold utterance. In Acts 12 we see that one of the leading apostles, James the brother of John, was beheaded. In the wake of this, Peter was thrown into prison. The Church then awakened to prayer – the Church realized that unless prayer was made – they would lose another leader. It is the responsibility of the Church to pray for leaders and those who stand in places of authority. The enemy goes after leaders so as to take the precious booty of the congregation with him. How many of our leaders may have been spared from attacks of persecution and even weaknesses toward sin had the church been in a place of prayer around them.

In this place of corporate prayer we see saints receiving utterance and revelation! We see leaders arising to places of victory and accomplished vision! In the place of TRUE SCRIPTURAL CORPORATE PRAYER we see another phenomena! We see the SAINTS breaking out of the prayer room and actually becoming witnesses! Acts 2 and Acts 4 shows us this! No longer does corporate prayer breed a group of people who are mystical, pious, far removed and hidden in closets somewhere. No – No - No!! True corporate prayer as outlined in the New Testament produces soulwinners! True corporate prayer based on scriptural doctrine produces Christians that actually become active and a blessing to the local church! If pray-ers are following the Holy Spirit in prayer – “the Helper” – they will become the biggest HELPERS – NOT HINDERERS – BUT HELPERS IN THE LOCAL CHURCH! THEY WILL BE THE BIGGEST HELPERS TO OTHER CHRISTIANS AND THE BIGGEST HELPERS TO THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH – THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!! HALLELUJAH!! THEY WILL BECOME WITNESSES OF HIS POWER, HIS LOVE, HIS ABILITY AND HIS WORKS!!! In Acts 2 and in Acts 4, we see Christians and ministers DRIVEN OUT, ON FIRE, FULL OF UTTERANCE AND THE SPIRIT OF GOD – WITNESSING AND WINNING THE LOST!!! We see the Saints praying for laborers and witnesses to go out to the nations – AND THEN THOSE VERY SAINTS BECOME THE ANSWER TO THEIR OWN PRAYERS!

WE HAVE SEEN IT IN THE WORD AND WE SEE IT NOW – EVEN DAILY – IN LOCAL CHURCHES! It is not far off – it is here! The saints happy, excited, fervent and effectual in prayer! Leaders and pastors finally helped – not hindered by corporate prayer! And so the final glorious result of corporate prayer! Such joy, such adventure, such enduement, such effectual power, such unity and momentum!!! CORPORATE PRAYER – THE FUN AND DYNAMIC WAY OF THE LAST DAYS!!!