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Children and their Place in Prayer

Dana Shrader praying with kds

In a close study of the New Testament, we see wondrous scriptural support for children standing in the place of prayer in the last days. Acts 2 heralds that God would pour His Spirit out upon the “sons and daughters”. John the Baptist, whom Jesus proclaimed came in the “spirit of Elijah”, was to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. An angel prophesied concerning his birth that his preparation for the coming One would involve “turning the hearts of the Fathers to the children….” We know that the entire Body of Christ today make up the voice of John the Baptist – we are preparing for the next coming of the Savior. Therefore, men and women everywhere must have their hearts turned to that of a child. Jesus said unless you receive the kingdom as a child you cannot even enter. Something of a childlike heart and faith causes us to enter into powerful places in prayer.

God the Father chose the qualifications for revealing the coming of His Son the first time. Many did not know of His coming – they went about their daily business. Kings, wise men and astrologers – learned men sought to identify and see His coming. Religious leaders tried to search Him out and stop Him. Yet the Father knew how to call the pure in heart – for these are the ones who could see Him. God hid His Son from the wisdom of man and revealed Him unto babes at heart. God revealed the coming of His Son the first time to men that were willing to learn from the ways of a Child. The path to meeting the Lord leads to a Child. Such innocence and truth also steels us from the deception and danger of religion. The ones who were allowed revelation of His first coming were those Who could recognize and acknowledge God in a Child. Our Lord manifested Himself through a Child in His first arrival. With a move of His Spirit, He will again manifest Himself in the Children to proclaim His soon return!

Matthew 21:13–16 gives us another startling insight. This passage shows us that the religious scribes and Pharisees of that day did not revile Jesus when He cleansed their temple, neither did they rant as Jesus healed the sick. But, when they saw the children begin to prophesy of Jesus, the violence of religion was stirred.

These children had a revelation of the coming of the Lord – they saw the Lord coming to them in that day! They shall help us to identify and follow Him again in His soon return! They began to cry out – “Hosannah to the son of David” – they had revelation of Who He was and of His mission. Even when John the Baptist faltered at times saying, “…are you whom we seek”, and when Peter had temporary recognition, “you are the Christ”, but then backslid at His crucifixion. Yet, the children stood staunch and were granted revelation of Who He was and His mission. In light of this, Jesus then rebuked all present and even us today, “Have you not heard that out of the mouths of babes and SUCKLING INFANTS – you have perfected praise!” Praise is the highest form of prayer – therefore the children have a place in provoking us and helping us in the place of prayer!

John the Baptist – even from the womb was filled with the Spirit. Because of this, we have been challenged by the Holy Spirit to present doctrine and liberty to the children that they might teach the adults as to how easy it is to hear from the Lord. Upon simple teaching using the prayers found in the epistles we see children immediately opening up into glorious flows of prayer. They also begin to preach, teach, lay hands on the sick, run, shout, dance! And, miracle of miracles…they even lay completely still under the powerful hand of the Holy Spirit! We see all these wondrous manifestations because the same power you pray with is the same power you witness with, dance with, shout with, preach and teach with!!!

The first prayer we teach the children is found in Ephesians 1:17-23. We use the EPHESIANS PRAYER HAT to do this. This is a cowboy hat loaded with bells and gizmos to teach the children the prayer in their understanding. Then we let the kids go in prayer. The children immediately slip into safe places of glorious revelation and demonstration. Some see angels and many have revelation of the coming of the Lord.

Children emerging from this place of prayer will begin to exhibit peace and joy in their daily lives. They will be nice to other children at school! They will obey their parents! When children are afforded an atmosphere such as this they will BEG to come to prayer! (Whadda ya know- they even drag their parents to prayer!)

Thank God for what the children are teaching us, showing us, and leading us into. We thank God that the children safeguard us from religion and pride. Through the simple faith of a child we are stepping into realms as they guide us in pure unfeigned authority! Isaiah 11:6, “…and a little child shall lead them.”