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You Can Pray

Every Christian Standing In Their Place of Prayer

You Can Pray! Each and every saint is BUILT to pray! You know His voice! If you could hear the voice of the Lord to be born again, everything after that is a piece of cake! Prayer is fun! Prayer is easy! Prayer is adventuresome! You know how to hear Him and you DO hear him! All you need is some simple, simple principles to find out how you pray, YOUR prayer flow – and there you go!

The prayers found in the epistles are keys to places in God! Through the years we have learned that the prayer found in Ephesians 1:17-23 always serves as a safe, highly effectual and yet incredibly adventuresome and dynamic vehicle to transport EVERY BELIEVER to glorious places of unction and liberty. We also place strong emphasis on the many other SCRIPTURAL DOORWAYS of prayer listed in the New Testament. If the saints will go through scriptural doorways – the Holy Ghost will show up EVERY PRAYER SESSION with utterance, vision, purpose, impartations, and ANSWERS!!! We have found that if each believer simply prays these prayers in faith and believes for a demonstration of it in their prayer time – EACH AND EVERY BELIEVER CAN AND WILL FIND THEIR FLOW OF PRAYER! We have WONDROUS REPORTS OF INDIVIDUALS PRAYER LIVES INSTANTLY CHANGED FOREVER!!!

Through simple word based precepts and examples the believer responds immediately in prayer! Each born again believer already has the greatest “Pray-er” in the universe on the inside of them! The Great Holy Spirit is ever ready to give unction, direction and wondrous experiences to every believer. All He needs is what He had in the beginning – someone that will open their mouth in faith and believe that God will speak and move through them!!!

We see MEN standing in the bold place of authority they were destined to. Men released to pray the way THEY PRAY. Men following the flow of the Holy Ghost – not trying to pray like women – but following the Holy Ghost and stepping into visions, dreams and revelations!!! Men not nagged or condemned in – BUT CATAPULTED INTO PLACES OF WISDOM AND DIVINE EVENTS. So easy, so simple, so powerful, so liberating, SO FUN!! If it’s not fun – it’s not God!! Children also! Through the portal of doctrine, children are released to safely and spectacularly experience the wisdom, love and direction of God. Out of the mouths of babes comes insight and visions of the Lord. The children at once respond to their Savior, they are forever changed and sealed into His service!

It is so easy to open a believer up to pray!

We ALL have an unction – Faith, the beginning of Unction and Revelation!

Without the spark of faith and leading of the Holy Ghost, prayer can become very “feelings” oriented – very emotional. Prayer can also become very nebulous and wandering. Without the navigation of “Word catalyzed unction”, prayer can even get off track. Many Christians also relegate everything to praying in tongues and neglect to exercise FAITH FOR UTTERANCE AND REVELATION! We have been taught to use our faith to pay our light bill and to manifest our healing, but what of our bold confession that EACH OF US HAS AN UNCTION, (1 John 2:20)! And what of the New Testament truth that, “YE MAY ALL PROPHESY”, (First Corinthians 14:31)! Faith rejuvenates our prayer time, makes it effectual, clean, adventuresome, accurate and A JOY AND DELIGHT!!! YOU CAN AND DO HEAR HIS VOICE – YOU DON’T EVEN RECOGNIZE THE VOICE OF A STRANGER!!!

We do not teach Christians that they SHOULD pray, but that they CAN pray! Through these faith filled teachings, believers, old or brand new in the Lord, burst into prayer, revelation and utterance. YOU CAN PRAY!!!! Hallelujah!