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Why Oversight in Corporate Prayer?

Corporate or united prayer

Prayer in the local church has long been a source of error and many a church split. Is it possible to have life giving effectual prayer in the church without having all the problems that we have seen by the prayer groups of the past? Decidedly, yes! There are many things to say here that are vital to successful prayer groups or prayer meetings but we will share just a few.

There should always be close five fold ministerial oversight of corporate prayer to keep it safe and on track.

People are carnal. If you are going to have productive prayer in the church, it takes a commitment from the ministerial staff to be patient and merciful with the people.

Direction vs correction. When you are driving your car there are constant corrections being made to keep you going in the right direction. You do not give attention to the correction you just keep looking ahead to where you are going so that you can arrive at your destination safely. When someone says or does something wrong just direct the meeting in the right direction. Give attention to what there is life on. The people have the Holy Ghost and they will follow him. Lead them in following him. You can trust the Holy Ghost in them, he will bear witness to the truth. Lead them! You as a leader follow him! Follow where there is life and unction and the people will learn to follow him together as a unit as one body.


People will make mistakes and say all kinds of things in prayer. It is very important to not “beat the sheep”. I am not saying that you shouldn’t ever correct people. You can correct people in such a way that keeps and preserves them. Remember we are talking about prayer and praying in front of other people and this can be a very vulnerable and sensitive thing and just downright difficult for many people. If you just go in there and say “this wasn’t right and oh boy you were really off base when you said that…” and so on you will shut people down and hurt them. Encourage the people tell them what the bible says about them. Put faith in them that they know him and follow him. But you might say”if I do that they are going to take over and say all kinds of crazy things and mess everything up”. That is exactly right!! That is why you are there. Give them direction emphasize the good and they will learn. This may seem scary and overwhelming but you can do it! Really if the truth be told you are already doing it. Back in the dark ages the bible was hidden away nobody was allowed to read it but a select few. The common man couldn’t be trusted with it. Oh the heresy that they would dream up if everyone was able to have a bible! This is what they thought. They were afraid! They led by control and fear. But thank God we got out of that mess and we all have the privilege of having our own bible and to read it for ourselves! The bible is a massive book. Everyone in your congregation has one. You trust God to minister from it the light that you have every week. You lead and guide them through the scriptures giving them life and nourishment. You trust them with the scriptures. I am asking you to trust them with the Holy Ghost. They received from him and he trust them so we must trust them! Lead them in prayer, in utterances. Be a shepherd! Commit to learn and develop your equipment. As a minister you are equipped to lead. You have supernatural endowments from heaven that give you sight to lead the sheep. Follow the great shepherd into green pastures. Follow him and thus you will lead others!

Moves of God in prayer have gone into excess and error in the past. Lets commit that we will keep it on track and fulfill the plan of God. Excesses and error will come into our prayer meetings and congregations but we will not fear. We will lead them! We are shepherds! We will guide them into the truth. We have demonstrations and manifestation but we pursue love. We pursue helping people. We follow him!

The people praying should be constantly given the word of God concerning their prayer language so that they are full of faith regarding there utterances.

When prayer is according to your faith not your gifting, gender or some kind of special call it makes prayer a level playing field so that we can all find our flow in corporate prayer. The bible says that we can all pray with the help of the holy ghost! John quoting Jesus said to those that believe that out of there bellies would flow rivers of living water. Its not just the select few that like prayer or only those that pray for hours upon hours that have life coming out of them but to those that believe. Believing something about your prayers is the deciding factor! Praying a long time can be good. Being anointed or having some special equipping to pray can be good but they are still not the deciding factor when it comes to having consistent life giving utterance. Believing that I can pray! Believing that I have a voice with the almighty! Believing that he abides in me to help me to pray out the mysteries of the kingdom of God! Believing that out of my belly, out of my spirit flows rivers of living water! Your faith is the deciding factor! So the question is what does the word of God say about prayer? Specifically, praying in other tongues. The word of God is inspired by the holy ghost and the holy ghost inspires us to pray in tongues. Give people the Word of God concerning prayer and it will build there faith to pray. I just believe that I am effectual because the scriptures say that I am. If I have something to believe in the midst of manifestations and demonstrations it grounds me and makes me safe. The word is an anchor to the soul in the midst of the winds and rains of revival.

Lets summarize:

To have safe and effectual corporate prayer you need:

Close ministerial oversight teaching and praying with the people. The one having oversight has to be committed to deal with the problems in a loving but effectual manner or else it will become shipwrecked and it will fail.

The minister needs to continually feed the peoples faith regarding prayer and utterance to keep momentum going in the prayer meetings.


By no means does this cover everything. We trust that this is helpful and encouraging. You can have healthy thriving prayer in your church and ministry. It is not to late! You can do it, you have an unction to know all things. You are a leader!!

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