We want to welcome all to our weekly Bible study in Newbury Park, CA. The Bible Study is designed to stockpile the Word regarding the work of prayer. This prototype lays a solid foundation in the Word. The Word then strips off doctrinal baggage, removes sluggishness, unifies us, and catapults our prayer life forward into great momentum. Answers are assured. For more information call 918-519-3161 or visit


Welcome to Prayerskool!

Come to Prayerskool. Learn the art of effectual prayer.
Learn how to pray for your loved ones.
Learn how to stand effectually for physical healing.
Learn how to seek out the plan of God for your life and ACTUALLY GET ANSWERS.

What is Prayerskool?

We welcome you to Prayerskool. These sessions create a base of teaching and demonstration with regard to effectual prayer. Rubber meets the road teaching and practical application make for actual answers to prayer.

By stock piling doctrine and practical application, the saints are groomed to quickly advance in unction. The same doctrine that strips off baggage and streamlines prayer also makes for a dynamic flow. Prayer changes from effort to ease. Prayer becomes effectual and fun! Also as the Word harnesses us together we then enter into corporate and or united prayer. In this supernatural laboratory, we experiment with the divine leadings of the Saviour. Because the Word level is high, the Holy Spirit manifests powerfully, the corporate anointing crests, and we begin to follow - seeing as it were - the Great Unseen One.

We encourage you to come. You will find answers! Your individual prayer life will amp up in unction and direction and your place in the local church will become clearer.

Learn how to tap into the financial provision that your dear Lord has for you.
Come and learn how to process and seek out the plans of God in the earth today.

Lonnie and Dana Shrader share simple precepts to ignite the prayer life you already have. With simple Scriptural steps your answers are nearer than you think. These are hands on tools for spiritual results. Discover that prayer is easy, prayer is fun, and YOU ARE BUILT TO PRAY.

Prayerskool Locations

Solvang CA

The Daughter of Zion Dance Company
3630-G Sagunto Street, Santa Ynez CA 93460

Times: Thursdays at 6:30pm

Thousand Oaks CA

New Hope Lutheran Church
29295 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, CA

Times: Saturday at 7:00pm

Please call with any questions to the number at the bottom of this page. Thanks!