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Corporate prayer. Why do it?

Why not just have someone else that is “more given” to prayer lead it? Why not have someone that “just loves” prayer do it? You like to pray alone anyway. You don’t even feel like you know “how” to lead it. You have enough to do as it is. And by the way, you don’t even know if you like praying so much with other people. Well all these things are understandable. However, there is such BENEFIT awaiting you, if you will take the step of leading and initiating united prayer. There are such ANSWERS awaiting you if you will launch out into the deep and trust God to help you lead. There is such a unity and intimacy with your congregation if you will but venture into this Scriptural and divine prototype. Oh the SAFETY you will afford your people, as you the Shepherd, guard them with your staff and not the oversight of another. YOU CAN LEAD CORPORATE PRAYER!!! You were built to lead it. Let’s look at the benefits of you leading prayer and flowing together with your people.

As we look at the book of Acts we see multiple examples and benefits to leadership praying together with the saints. Just the fact that we see examples over and over again in the book of Acts is proof enough of Scriptural responsibility do it. Within the very Scriptural examples themselves, we see the blessing they promise.

Acts 1:8, Acts 2
Jesus told the disciples to go and tarry in that upper room until they be endued with power. We know that the disciples were up there with one hundred and some odd people. We then see the Holy Ghost poured out and suddenly, under this CORPORATE ANOINTING, we see the disciples and the saints instantly changed and thrust forth. The saints and the disciples became the sign and wonder so to speak. Yes this is the first endowment of the Holy Ghost, but it is also a corporate prayer meeting. We see Peter transformed from a timid, hiding, wanna-be onlooker, to a bold leader, a fire-brand representative that did not mince words. We see him grab Joel 2 and dare to pull it into present day fulfillment in front of a Jewish crowd. We see him interpret it with heavenly boldness and insight. Then we see 3000 people get saved. OH THE BLESSINGS UNTOLD OF CORPORATE PRAYER! The corporate anointing is the strongest anointing the body of Christ will ever know. Lets get about learning how to move with it, know it, and utilize it!!! Oh, and just as a side note. After this prayer time, there was a tremendous wave of financial giving and signs and wonders. Just sayin........

We see the ministers and the saints receiving the revelation TOGETHER. We see the people and the leaders bonded together in a revelation, in a unity, and in a momentum that is a portrait of the true Head of the Church and His Body.

Acts 4
We see that in a world of increasing persecution, the leaders found it vital to pray with their own company of believers. They returned after persecutions to pray with the saints. It is within this time of prayer that the apostles were endued with power to preach. EVERYONE PRESENT, both laity and leader alike, were filled again with the power of the Most High. THE LITERAL BUILDING SHOOK. Then the apostles went out with signs, wonders, miracles, and bold preaching. Then there was another wave of financial giving. Just sayin........

As a side note, there is such a precious statement here. Acts 4:23 says, “...and they returned to their own company.” As you begin to foster united prayer in your church, you will see a company of believers form. Your company. As you trust God as to how to lead them in prayer, you will find a spiritual oasis of love, faith, and unity. Like a cup of cool water in a thirsty land, you will all be refreshed and ready to serve anew.

Acts 12
Herein is a VERY POWERFUL PASSAGE OF TRUTH. Persecution of the leaders was flaring greatly. Herod had taken James and killed him. When Herod saw that it pleased the Jews, he took Peter and got ready to kill him too. BUT INSTANT AND CONSTANT PRAYER WAS MADE BY THE SAINTS. You see these dear saints were accustomed to praying with and for their dear leader. They were not a renegade bunch under the leadership of a prayer lady with her own agenda and separate from the true shepherd. They were vitally linked with their dear leader as they were constantly in that divine fellowship that only united prayer can afford. To take him was as though someone had taken their very father. Oh that the saints would learn that it is their responsibility to uphold their leaders. They are accountable to scripturally and lovingly hold leaders up. The saints are not to pray in a manipulative way by yielding to soulical motivations. But, they are to help and assist, to make tremendous power available that the shepherd be not struck and thus disperse the sheep. Sometimes I wonder about leaders who fall. Who was holding the ropes and how were they holding them?

Anyway, we see that instant, earnest and effectual prayer was made for Peter. We see that deliverance was wrought for Peter. In this passage we see that great peace was made available - he was asleep the night before his death. We see visions and revelations granted. He saw an angel. We see his “prison door” opened. We see the saints receiving their leader again. My personal favorite though is Acts 12:10. It says that, “the iron gate to the city opened of its own accord” to Peter. My dear leader, there are massive doors to cities that await pastors and ministers as they begin to pray with their own people.

Acts 13
This is a different gathering of saints. It is a portrait of ministers praying together. However the power element of a corporate anointing is still in effect. We see these ministers received further revelation of the call of God for their lives. We see enduement as hands are laid upon those to be sent out. We see the first missionary journeys happening as laborers are thrust forth. In the midst of corporate prayer - we see the world reached.

We have seen so many things happen in the place of united prayer. Our ministry is called to help churches cultivate this glorious exercise. Here are but a few testimonies.

I have seen a church that was almost devoured by a divisive prayer lady. But as the pastor dared to begin united prayer meetings, the church was gloriously healed and is now a thriving effectual work. That work is solely hooked to the pastor with not a hint of division - from within or without.

A lady was blind in one eye. Her eye opened during corporate prayer.

I have seen a group begin pray for the finances of the church. As they called in finances for that work, the Lord caused them to find their place in business.

I saw a group continually be led to the same set of communistic nations. Over and over they would pray for that area. It was the next year that the wall came down in Germany.

I saw a church double from 500 to 1000 members after united prayer was in place.

I myself knew I had a call to preach. However, within the power of that united light, I began to see great detail. It was corporate power that branded vision deep within me. It branded me and then sent me.

So the benefits of corporate prayer are truly rich and vital. They are not optional but essential. In the next article, we will set forth a really easy format to leading corporate prayer. In this user friendly format, you will see that you are built to lead in this area. The format is a vanilla ice cream base so to speak. You can then take it and put whatever toppings you want on it and adapt it to your needs and your style of leadership. You will even discover more of how the Lord uses YOU as you allow corporate power to activate the gifts and callings on the inside of you. Confirmation will come easily. Revisions to the vision will update and propel you forward. Answers will be easy. Your people will become so invigorated with your vision. They will see what you see. Momentum will spring forth. You and your people will become that portrait of Christ and His Church.

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