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Corporate Prayer - How do you do this stuff anyway?

Dear leader, you may be saying things like this. “So like how do you do this united prayer stuff??? I get it that corporate or united prayer is important. However, I don’t know how to lead it. Also, I don’t know that I WANT to lead it. I don’t know that I LIKE PRAYING WITH OTHER PEOPLE. Then, there is this lady in the church that is just ecstatic about prayer. Can’t she just do it? She can just do it and I will support her.” Ummmm - like no way Hosea. United prayer is so easy to lead. You, the leader, are built to lead already. Plus, the Holy Spirit is commissioned and ready to lead and guide you - so, you just tap into that supply. You can do it. You can lead united prayer. You may not lead it like anyone else, but guess what, you’re supposed to find your own groove of leading. That prayer lady maybe able to help in some capacities, but she is never to be the designated driver. Don’t hand over to her the life flow of the church.

United prayer, and or when the saints come together to pray, is like the base element in a power tool. I soooooo know nothing about power tools. However, I do know that the “handle thingey with the like motor doohickey”, is the power part. When you want to do a job, you choose a specific bit for whatever you are going to do. Like drilling, you choose the drilly thingey. Like for screwing in a screw, you choose the square ended hokey-poke. Please see attached appendix for definitions - or just call my husband. Anywhoooooo - the power part supplies power for whatever bit is attached to it. The power part gives animation to whatever specialty tooling is attached to it.

When the saints gather together to pray, that power is made available. Then, as diverse ministry gifts lead, each prayer meeting does a different job. It is such a joy to see how each gift flares and opens up as it leads. Different gifts take prayer meetings different places. Also, as you lead, the crest of the corporate flow surges. Like surfing, you get lifted up to new places and vistas you could never have seen or experienced alone!!! There is destined purpose in each gift leading in the unique way they lead. It is the purpose of God that we all lead differently. You are built to lead dear one!

And now we present a very vanilla prototype to start you leading. Like the basic ice cream sundae - you can dress it up however you want. However this prototype will get you going and aid you in finding out how you lead. It is a format for one hour of united prayer. No, it is not set up to be an hour of plumbing the depths of the mysteries of the Almighty by nebulously praying in tongues for an hour. And, for the record, that format of praying and just trying to sense stuff does not in anyway guarantee effectualness. Many times it becomes an etherial, emotional, soulical, train wreck. Long times of structure-less praying is often just flat out, “a bad thing”. However if a clean, structured prayer meeting is in place like the one exemplified below, then other prayer meetings that allow for plumbing the depths of God can be added later.

Here is a clean, scripturally based, super easy format that will ensure like uber unity, victory, effectualness, power, and FUN!! As the “mysteriousness” is stripped away, people will soooooo come back week after week.

Here we go.

• Announce a weekly prayer meeting that will last one hour. Don’t go over that time no matter what is happening or who feels led otherwise.

• Start of by teaching for 10 - 20 minutes on prayer. Good topics are the mighty prayers found in Ephesians 1:17-23, Ephesians 3:14 - 21. You can shove whatever subject you want to pray about in the midst of these powerful prayers. These Scriptural prayers extract revelation with regard to the subject you are praying about, i.e., the church, nations, finances, etc. Just lay down doctrine that assures the saints that they can and do hear from God. If you lay out doctrine first the prayer time will be effectual and easy.

• Start off magnifying the Lord in English for like 5 minutes. Thank the Lord for His name, His delegated authority, etc. Use Scriptures to thank Him that He does hear you when you pray. Thank Him that He has given you an unction! Praise Him until you have preached or exhorted yourself, and the people, happy. Encourage the people to lift their voices. Don’t let them be quiet. It is scriptural to lift your voice in corporate prayer - see Acts 4:24.

• Pray in English for 10 minutes. This can dovetail with your thanking the Lord in English. You are “praying, saying, and declaring in your understanding” where we are all going. This also initiates staunch agreement. Pray the Epistle prayers with your subject embedded in them. You may just start prophesying. Go with it. You may start getting revelation as you pray these might epistle prayers around your subject. Go with it. See how far you can pray in your understanding. This is a good thing! It shows a high word level. A high word level is the backbone of effectual prayer! KEEP ON THAT MICROPHONE THOUGH!!!!! If they can’t hear you they can’t stay with you!!!! I know it’s vulnerable but that’s where faith is exercised and unity is fostered.

• Then pray back and forth in tongues and English for 15 minutes. This is your experimenting time. Go back and forth from English to tongues. Over enunciate your prayer language. You will find that the utterance level will shoot up. Keep and ear to the people. Trust and engage your faith that you are being led by the Holy Spirit. ACT LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Pray out loudly what you are getting. This is different from your personal time. You may find yourself kinda preach praying. However you are taking people with you and discovering things together. If you are drawn to someone you can get near them. Maybe put the mic to their mouth. However you NEVER give away your mic.

• Now magnify the Lord, thank the Lord, worship the Lord, in English for like 10 minutes. Tell the people to lift their voices and thank Him with you. Thank Him out loud that He has heard you. Thank Him that because you prayed the Word, He is moving and answering your prayers. Thank Him for the actual things you may have prayed out!! Thank Him for revelations you saw and direction!!!! Say those things back to Him. Thank Him for the joy you sense and the peace. If people start shouting - let them shout and join in with them. We are thanking Him on purpose!! This is the most important part of the prayer time!! Take that victory!

• For the last 10 to 15 minutes, return to the pulpit and share what you got when you were praying. This is the afterglow. This is a great time to instill vision. If you feel comfortable enough, ask some of the people what they got. Tell them to just briefly share. If you will do this, people will pray more effectually, in faith and attentively as they learn they may be called upon to share. Guess what? Then they will hear more in prayer!

• Thank them for coming. Maybe have them shout one more time. Then DISMISS!

This format is not an end all. It is a starting place to learn the flow of the Holy Spirit. It is a starting place of safe and powerful agreement. It is a way for leadership to learn how the Holy Spirit uses them to lead. From this place other, prayer meetings can be formed. Leaders are identified as you pray with the people. You can see who is really with you and has your heart. Then, other prayer sessions and prayer groups can be initiated and delegated safely. You have the reins. The people are following you as you follow Christ. The people are safely harnessed under the pastor, the shepherd.

Have fun! Experiment! Learn the feel, the pitch and the tone of the Voice of One! Experience the power, the lift, and the momentum of the united anointing of the Body of Christ. As you see them come together you will see HIM as never before. He is in the midst of US. You will get to see the great Unseen one. You will see Him lead through you. They are the sheep of His great hand. They know His voice and they will follow Him. You can do it dear one. You are built to lead. You are built to pray!!!

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