We want to welcome all to our weekly Bible study in Newbury Park, CA. The Bible Study is designed to stockpile the Word regarding the work of prayer. This prototype lays a solid foundation in the Word. The Word then strips off doctrinal baggage, removes sluggishness, unifies us, and catapults our prayer life forward into great momentum. Answers are assured. For more information call 918-519-3161 or visit

Lonnie & Dana Shrader

Lonnie and Dana Shrader

Lonnie and Dana Shrader teach on the subject of prayer. Their simple biblical precepts inspire the individual believer and at the same time provide a bridge to unify the local church closer to the office of the pastor.

Lonnie Shrader graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1990. Lonnie specialized in evangelism. Reverend Shrader served in a variety of helps capacities for 10 years at Rhema Bible Church. Reverend Shrader also served in Rhema Bible Training Center’s Healing School and was also employed by Rhema Bible Church. In 1997 Lonnie graduated from Domata School of Missions under Mark Brazee Ministries, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lonnie also served for 4 years in a helps capacities to the “Prayer Partner Program” under Mark Brazee Ministries. Reverend Shrader pastored Oasis Christian Church in Solvang, California for 4 years. Reverend Shrader then stepped over into full time itinerant ministry and now travels in the u.s. and overseas teaching on the subject of prayer life for the individual, corporate or united prayer, faith, how to be lead by the spirit, and man on three dimensions – spirit, soul, and body.

Dana Shrader is a 1990 graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center. Dana graduated from the pastors group. Reverend Dana was involved in the Prayer and Healing Center’s Prayer Groups Program for 6 years. Dana went to Palermo, Italy, in 1994 in a helps capacity to Reverend Tony and Patsy Cameneti for the ’94, ’95 school year of Domata School of Missions. Reverend Dana returned to Tulsa and in January of 1996 to become Prayer Coordinator for Mark Brazee Ministries. During this time Dana managed all facets of corporate prayer as well as pioneering up 70 prayer groups. Dana Shrader then stepped out into full time itinerant ministry in January of 2000. Reverend Dana has since traveled and taught on the subject of individual and united prayer to churches nationally and internationally. Dana is also the author of the book, “You Can Pray”, and “The Prayer Partner Groups Manual – A Guide to Raising up Prayer Groups in the Local Church.”

The Shraders teach a very strong and liberating message of, “Praying for your Pastor.” Though full time ministers themselves, their vision is that of a helps capacity to each and every church in which they minister.

Lonnie and Dana Shrader base their ministry out of Thousand Oaks, California.